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Self-Promotional Mailer

I had to make a promotional mailer in Digital Imaging class. I liked it so I thought I would put it up.


Studio Assignment #10

This was an open project and because I had some difficulty with previous portrait assignments, I decided to give it another try. I still have a lot to learn about portrait lighting but I think I am getting a bit more use to how the flash looks. At any rate, I owe thanks to my model for being a good sport.

Creative Assignment # 6: Video

I almost did not get to finish this assignment. For so many reasons I was not able to jump into video like I wanted to this semester.

The video I did get is a few grainy and shaky shots from my car. I did not think it was worth using. However after looking at it, it reminded me of when I was young and we would just cruise around Kansas City.  The poor quality of the footage gives it a gritty or sinister feel which I thought went well with the feeling of the song “Passenger” from The Deftones. I tried to use what little footage I had to tell some kind of story or at least in some way fit the music. If I had more time and better equipment this would be a different video, but I did have fun putting it together.

Studio Assignment #9: Cutlery

Single Light shot of knives. It was much more difficult that I thought it would be. With only one light source it was hard to get light on the entire subject without it being too strong in areas.

Creative Assignment #5 (continued) : HDR

A High Dynamic Range Image of the Longview Farm schoolhouse.

Creative Assignment #5: Panorama

I worked on panoramas in Creative class and Digital Imaging this semester. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperative and everything was still brown when I took most of these shots. The originals are HUGE files. I think I could print some of them six feet long.

I like doing panos and was wanting to try some HDR panoramas, but I have not had the time to devote to that yet… But summer is coming !!!!

Creative Assignment #4

Some architectural shots from Kansas City. I had a great time taking these images. My youngest daughter and I had just seen a movie at the Main Street AMC and then took a walk to take some photos. As we stepped out of the theater a few snow flakes were falling. I took the first shot (the color image) just before it really began to snow. The other two were taken while we were getting covered in flakes. The snow gave the image a bit of a grainy look and being that it was then dreary and grey, I decided to make them black and white.